The Team

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Thomas Brown

Thomas is in charge of our finances and business side, as well as being our gameplay programmer. He has been programming software for over seven years, specialising in games programming and systems design. Tom has an unhealthy obsession with Assassins Creed and one day hopes to become a Korean pop sensation.

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Harry Stevenson

Harry is our in-house technical programming wizard and is in charge of our technical infrastructure. Before moving over to games programming he worked as a systems programmer, product support engineer and network engineer. Harry can usually be found on a pitch playing football at the weekend, when he’s not climbing the ladder of Starcraft 2 or busting up head crabs in Half-Life.

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Alex Barnes

Alex is the creative nut case responsible for most of our design, animation and narrative stuff. He worked on award winning student films before moving over into the games industry. Alex has played a stupid number of games and should really be a pro-gamer by now, but he’s far too busy crying over The Last of Us.

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David Croft-Sharland Profile Picture

David Croft-Sharland

David is our man in ZBrush for pretty much all of our 3D art. He specialises in detailed 3D character art and won the Staffordshire University’s games modelling graduate exhibition. Dave will regularly be found dominating a lane in League of Legends, when not swooning over the character quality in The Witcher 3.

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