Casimba Casino was one of the very first online casinos that introduced revolutionary gaming methods and it did so with a bang. The excitement created by Casimba caused the company's popularity to soar and led to a string of similar websites springing up offering even more exciting gambling options.

As with all things, however, there are some downsides associated with Casimba Casino as well. There's no doubt that Casimba would have continued to progress had it not for some simple errors; some of which are related to promotions and some relate to the quality of online casino games offered.

One of the most exciting things about Casimba Casino was that they worked with over 20 different software companies

Casimba Casino software companies

You would get to play all sorts of games from those companies as well. Unfortunately, the quality of some of those games didn't live up to expectations and while there were certainly some less than desirable games, for the most part, everything worked smoothly.

While it took a little while for Casimba to figure out a good way to promote their games, once they got it they did an amazing job with Casimba Casino. The thing that really set them apart was to introduce an evolutionary change to how blackjack was played at marimba casino.

The Casimba team kept in mind that many of their customers were coming to play video poker and that the typical casino environment wasn't conducive to playing blackjack with a full house. They recognized that it was necessary to introduce an evolutionary change in how blackjack was played. What they did was simplify the process and make it much easier to play at a full house with just a few chairs.

It wasn't long before video slots and poker rooms were all the rage and Casimba quickly became a leader in the industry. The other big advantage they had was the fact that Casimba had access to a lot of highly qualified technical staff. They hired several experts including a few ex-cadet engineers who knew how to use the technology behind the scenes and bring it to the standard that people could be playing video slots and poker games at their local marimba casino.

Casimba is known for their Live Casino games

Live Casimba Casino games

One of their biggest contributions to the gaming industry was to introduce the first-ever live Casimba casino games to the world. What they did was put one of the most technically advanced video slot machines on the face of the earth in front of millions of people in the audience at the marimba casino in Brazil. It was a tremendous success. What's even more amazing is that you could actually play a game from the comfort of your own home.

You didn't have to commute to get there as you would have if you were playing at a live casino. The idea was a very clever one, because as Casimba proved, if you can make money by taking your pick of a variety of different live games, then it stands to reason that you could make money by taking part in the same thing with a video slot machine.

Casimba went on to introduce the first progressive jackpots to the world as well

Progressive jackpots are where the players win a percentage of the total jackpot every time someone plays a bet during the game. This means that over the course of any game that you may play, your chances of winning progressively increases.

Casimba made these progressive jackpots available in several different variants including the roulette version so that people wouldn't get bored with just the normal versions. As you can see, the people at the marimba casino did their homework before they opened up shop and found out that it pays to know what people want.

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