Wildblaster Casino is a brand new online casino and is owned and run by Direx N.V. – a company based in Curacao, the Netherlands. The website has an attractive, clean design, to get you started straight away. It is simple to understand, with straightforward instructions, making it easy for visitors to start playing right away without too much waiting or confusion.

The first time you log on, you will be prompted to verify your guest details, to ensure that your privacy is protected. Once this is finished, you will be provided with a gaming account number and other basic information.

Wildblaster Casino differs from most other casinos

You will have your own virtual gaming desk, with your own cash/cashing machines, chairs, card table, slots, and all the video games Wildblaster can provide. In fact, your virtual gaming room will allow you to play on different graphics depending on what your requirements or desires are. You can switch between the various graphics at any time, making your gaming experience more interesting and varied.

When you initially open the Wildblaster Casino, you will be given free coins for signing up and virtual credit for using the ATM, of course. These promotional codes can also be used to receive free spins on all kinds of video poker games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, etc.

You will also be given a chance to sign up for some exciting promotions, ranging from welcome bonuses to VIP bonuses and much more. A VIP bonus is basically an extra deposit in your bank account upon signing up for the casino. More importantly, however, it gives you access to special promotions that would otherwise not be available to regular players.

Free spins and deposit bonuses

Wildblaster Casino free spins

Wildblaster offers other great features and benefits to players as well. For example, aside from earning free money every time you play at their casino, you can also get instant bonus deposits when you make deposits. If you deposit just a little bit too much, you can actually get free spins on all kinds of games.

There are also a variety of deposit bonuses based on different currencies, such as Australian dollars and US dollars. There is also a loyalty program, wherein players who sign up with the Wildblaster casino will receive loyalty points that they can later exchange for gifts and prizes.

With all these amazing features and benefits, it's no wonder that Wildblaster has become extremely popular among online poker players and internet gaming enthusiasts. It's also worth mentioning that this casino games provider has received great reviews from online gaming magazines and websites like Metacafe, PC Mag, and Gamespy. To top it off, the interface and graphics of the game have been designed especially well, so even those with very basic computer skills can easily play the game. This is why more people have decided to take a second look at the Wildblaster Casino.

The Wildblaster Casino is not only the top choice in online poker but also among mobile gaming and Internet gaming. This is because the game is offered with free spins, instant bonuses, and loyalty rewards.

This casino games provider has attracted a great number of players since its release, which is evident from the fact that it currently boasts of more than eight million members. If you want to play free BTC games on the Wildblaster Casino, you can simply download its casino app for free from Google Play.

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